Product Q&A: Understanding Our Handcrafted Ceramics

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we celebrate the inherent beauty and individuality of each handcrafted ceramic piece at Raf Lifestyle. In the world of artisanal craftsmanship, perfection lies in the imperfections. Our products, meticulously shaped and painted by skilled artisans, may exhibit characteristics like tiny black spots, small pores, variations in glaze colors, and slight differences in shapes and sizes. These are not flaws but rather signatures of the human touch in our creations. Here, we explain why these unique features are not only expected but cherished, adding to the distinct charm and story of each piece. Dive into our FAQs to appreciate the artistry and understand the natural variations that make our ceramics truly one-of-a-kind.

Tiny Black Spots: As ceramics are fired from clay, the number of iron spots that appear after firing varies with the iron content in the clay. These spots are harmless and do not affect the use of the product. Removing these spots requires chemical materials, which can compromise the quality of the ceramic.

Tiny Pores: The porosity of ceramics varies depending on the materials used, formulation process, applied pressure, holding time, body thickness, sintering temperature, and holding time. Generally, finer porcelain has smaller pores, while coarser ceramics have larger pores.

Kiln Variation & Glaze Color Differences: Single-color glazed ceramics may have slight color variations due to glaze thickness, body color, and placement during firing. Kiln-changed glazes are inherently unpredictable, often entering the kiln one color and emerging in a myriad of hues. We ensure that we ship only flawless pieces. However, for those purchasing kiln-changed glazes, please note that while we try to display various effects, we cannot guarantee that every piece will match the photos. We recommend in-person purchases for these items. Notably, the Creek Blue and Creek Red series, which use a soda firing technique, have significant variations.

Hand-Painted Variations: We strive to ensure that each design is hand-painted by the same artist. However, artists may make slight adjustments based on aesthetics, and colors may vary during the firing process due to temperature changes.

Shape & Size Differences: Most of our cups are hand-thrown, and each cup may have slight variations in size and shape. Some hand-pinched cups, due to the artisan's unique crafting, may have more significant differences, which will be specified on the product page. Please refer to our detailed descriptions for accuracy.

Handcrafted items are not perfect. Many customers appreciate handcrafted products precisely because of the human touch they convey. Those who are concerned about handmade traces may prefer our porcelain products, which are relatively uniform and refined. Some of our clay and kiln-changed products, while pursuing rusticity and unique effects, may sacrifice a degree of refinement.


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