Who Are We

RAF Lifestyle, which stands for Renaissance of Ancient Forms, is a women-owned business based in Long Island, New York, specializing in ceramics. We're not just about crafting ceramics; we're about narrating tales from the past and present through our exquisite creations.


Oriental Aesthetic

Our inspiration originated from the sumptuous oriental culture. By weaving the linguistic charm of poetry, the imagery beauty of Painting, and the philosophical ideal of Zen, RAF strives to articulate the delicate equilibrium between nature and spirit.

Each one of our ceramics carries a piece of quintessential oriental culture, reflecting a shimmering aggregation of inspiration and aspiration cultivated in the five thousand years of history.


From Crafts to Spirits

Our vision at RAF is to create more than just ceramics; we aim to craft experiences that resonate deeply with your mind, body, and spirit. Each of our unique creations, from the delicate porcelain tea sets to the elegantly traditional ceramic teapots, is designed to tell a story that enriches your life and uplifts your spirit. Our techniques, like kiln transformation and the subtle art of crazing, not only revive ancient artistry but also infuse each item with a soulful presence that enhances your daily rituals. Our artist series embodies the zenith of craftsmanship, offering you pieces that do more than decorate your space—they enhance your sense of well-being and connect you to a lineage of artistic excellence. By choosing RAF, you don’t just own a piece of art; you embrace a lifestyle that nourishes your inner self and celebrates the enduring beauty of tradition.


The Beginning of the Marvelous

Nora Wang, the founder of RAF, was born and raised in Henan Province, a heartland of ceramic production in ancient China. The earthy scent of clay and the warmth of the kiln were her childhood companions. Pursuing her passion, Nora studied ceramics at the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Cornell University. where she honed her skills in porcelain sculpture. Captivated by clay's transformative qualities and the unpredictability of kiln and glaze techniques, Nora cultivated a deep appreciation for the artistry of ceramics.

Nora's belief in imbuing everyday objects with special, artistically inspired meaning drove her to preserve traditional ceramic art and share oriental aesthetics worldwide. This conviction inspired the creation of RAF, a brand committed to offering sincere, meaningful everyday art pieces.


Reimagine the Tradition

Driven by years of research conducted by Nora Wang and co-founder Hanwei, RAF lifestyle places a profound value on the tradition of handcrafting. Behind every asymmetry of the form, every nuanced flow of glaze, and every unexpected detail lies the warmth of real hands, infusing the long-lasting wisdom of craftsmanship into the ceramics. However, heritage is far more than a mere replication of the traditional. RAF also collaborates with various artists, aiming to customize a touch of contemporary flair into our products. lt is through this coherent unity RAF successfully reimagines traditional ceramics in a contemporary context.


Crafting with a Purpose

At RAF Lifestyle, our journey with ceramics goes beyond artistry. We believe in the power of giving back. A portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting traditional ceramic artisans, ensuring they continue their craft and pass it on to future generations. Additionally, we engage in community outreach, hosting workshops and educational sessions to spread the love and knowledge of ceramics.