40 Timeless Tea Quotes for Your Perfect Tea Ceremony: Part 3 with RAF Lifestyle Ceramics

40 Timeless Tea Quotes for Your Perfect Tea Ceremony: Part 3 with RAF Lifestyle Ceramics

As we continue to explore the timeless wisdom of tea quotes, we uncover more teachings that enhance the mindfulness and simplicity of tea ceremonies. These quotes from classical Chinese philosophy resonate deeply with the serene practice of tea drinking, enriching your experience with RAF Lifestyle’s exquisite ceramics.

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1. The Straightforward Mind

“The straightforward mind, this is the dojo. The straightforward mind, this is the Pure Land.” - Vimalakirtinirdesa Sutra


A candid and transparent mind receives everything just as it is, a principle that aligns perfectly with the clarity sought in tea ceremonies.

2. No-Self and Individual Paths

“Though the Dharma is fundamentally a matter of No-Self, people take pride in the various styles they have studied, become impressed with the idea that their own way of doing things is correct, and, producing their own sense of ‘self,’ fall into partiality.” - Zencharoku


This quote warns against self-centeredness, encouraging a humble approach to all practices, including tea ceremonies.

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3. A Sharp Sword and an Awl

“A sharp sword is not as good as an awl.”


This Taoist teaching reminds us that everything has its own virtue and purpose, much like the specific tools and utensils used in a tea ceremony.

4. Neither Grasp nor Throw Away

“With people and things, neither grasp nor throw away; with places or circumstances, be neither removed nor intimate.”


This Zen teaching promotes a balanced and non-attached approach to life, a perspective that enhances the mindfulness of tea drinking.

5. True to One’s Nature

“Do not draw another man’s bow. Do not ride another man’s horse. Do not argue another’s faults. Do not look into another’s affairs.” - Wumenkuan, case 45


This teaching encourages us to be true to our own nature and practices, a principle that can be applied to the unique ritual of tea ceremonies.

6. Cooperative and Harmonious

“The Gentleman is cooperative and harmonious with others, but does not flatter or blindly follow the crowd; the man of little character flatters and blindly follows the crowd, but is not cooperative or harmonious with others.” - Lun Yu, 13:23


This Confucian wisdom emphasizes integrity and harmony, values that are integral to the practice of tea ceremonies.

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7. Different Views of Water

“One view, four [different kinds of water.”


This phrase illustrates how different beings perceive the same thing in various ways, a concept that encourages mindfulness and empathy during tea rituals.

8. Asymmetry in Nature

“In the scenery of spring there is no high or low; the flowering branches are of themselves, some short, some long.” - P’u teng lu


This quote evokes the natural asymmetry that is valued in the construction of tea rooms and the shapes of tea bowls, reminding us to appreciate our unique characteristics.

9. Seeing Things Just as They Are

“Mountains are just mountains; rivers are just rivers.” - Piyenlu, Case 62


This Zen teaching encourages us to see things as they are, without the distortion of preconceived notions, a perspective that enhances the purity of a tea ceremony.

10. Natural Characters

“Heaven is high and without boundaries; birds fly like birds.”


This quote reminds us to be satisfied with our natural roles and portions, fostering harmony and respect, principles that are essential in the practice of tea ceremonies.

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