40 Timeless Tea Quotes for Your Perfect Tea Ceremony: Part 2 with RAF Lifestyle Ceramics

40 Timeless Tea Quotes for Your Perfect Tea Ceremony: Part 2 with RAF Lifestyle Ceramics

Continuing our journey through the timeless wisdom of tea quotes, we delve deeper into the profound teachings that resonate with the serene practice of tea drinking. These quotes from classical Chinese philosophy offer more insights into living authentically and simply, enriching your tea ceremonies with RAF Lifestyle’s exquisite ceramics.

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1. The Three Worlds

“The Three Worlds are only one Mind; Beyond the Mind, there is no special Law. The Mind, the Buddha, and all sentient beings: These three are without distinction.”


This quote emphasizes the unity of all things, a concept that can be mirrored in the mindfulness and presence cultivated during a tea ceremony.

2. Temple Bell

“From what temple it is unknown: The sound of the bell sent by the wind.”


The tranquility of hearing a distant temple bell symbolizes the meditative state achieved during a peaceful tea ceremony.

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3. Spring's Arrival

“You ask where spring comes from, but it comes from no place in particular.” - Kao-ch’i


This quote speaks to the natural and effortless flow of life, much like the gentle preparation and enjoyment of tea.

4. Each Meeting

“Each meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime event.”


This Japanese saying reminds us to treasure every tea ceremony as a unique and precious moment.

5. Beyond Good and Evil

“Do not think ‘good’; do not think ‘evil.’” - Wumenkuan, case 23


Emphasizing non-duality, this quote encourages a pure and unbiased mind, perfect for the reflective moments in tea drinking.

6. The Concept of Beauty

“Everybody understands the beautiful to be ‘beautiful,’ but this only creates the concept of ‘ugly’; everybody understands the good to be ‘good,’ but this only creates the concept of ‘bad.’” - Tao Te Ching


This teaching highlights the importance of seeing things beyond conventional labels, a mindset that enhances the appreciation of the simple beauty in a tea ceremony.

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7. No-Mind and No-Thought

“No-Mind like the clouds; No-Thought like the water.”


This quote captures the essence of being present and undisturbed, reflecting the calmness achieved during tea rituals.

8. The Greatest Good

“The greatest good is like water. Water’s virtue is that it benefits all creatures, but is eager to contend with none. It resides in places most men hate; thus, it is close to the Way.” - Tao Te Ching


The gentle and unassuming nature of water parallels the quiet grace of a well-conducted tea ceremony.

9. Adversity and Enlightenment

“Much mud will make a large Buddha; with much water, your boat will ride high.”


Adversity can lead to great growth and enlightenment, much like the discipline and practice in perfecting a tea ceremony.

10. Every Day is a Good Day

“Every day is a good day.” - Piyenlu, case 6


This famous Zen saying reminds us to find joy and goodness in each day, an outlook that can be nurtured through daily tea rituals.

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